Contributors to the Symposium are hosted at the Inn at Laurel Point.


From Victoria airport to the Inn at Laurel Point: Please use the YYJ Airport Shuttle. The shuttle leaves every 30-45 minutes from the airport and it will drop you at the hotel. You can reserve your ticket online or purchase at the airport. The YYJ Airport Shuttle ticket stand is located right beside the baggage carousel. You can reserve your return ticket at the stand or directly with the bus driver.

From the Inn at Laurel Point to the University: The hotel is located in the city harbor at 8.3km from the University of Victoria campus. To limit the cost of transportation, we will organize a few taxi shuttles in the morning to the University, and in the evening to the hotel. We will contact the contributors in due course.

Taxis: Bluebirds Cabs Ltd 250-382-2222; Victoria Taxi 250-383-7111

Public transportation: BC Transit system options (click on the link to see the different bus routes to the University from the hotel)

Maps of UVic campus available here.

Touristic map of Victoria BC available here.

Food: There are many delicious and locally based food options in Victoria. For a great guide, visit the Vic Food Guys webpage.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Symposium organizers.

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